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About The Drumming and this site

  • The Drumming is a memoir, written late in life by successful published author, Barbara Brouse. It tells the story of a pivotal year in the author's life, at age six, in Patna, India, near the end of the period of British rule known as the Raj.  More »

About Barbara Brouse

  • Photo of Barbara Brouse Born in India under British rule, Barbara became a celebrated romance novelist. She discovered her life’s purpose in her final years: to tell the story of the Indian servants who saved her life.  More »


  • This site is administered by the Literary Estate of Barbara Brouse. For more information contact gillian (at) brouse (dot) org.

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  • Doctors Without Borders is the charity identified by Barbara Brouse as the recipient of any proceeds of The Drumming. Donations to the tip jar (via PayPal) will be redirected to Doctors Without Borders.

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